PVC application

Choosing the right lubricant can improve the effect of PVC extrusion and allow end customers to receive high-quality finished products.

Longxing PVC lubricants are economical and efficient, and provide high-quality external lubrication in the extrusion process for PVC pipes and profiles.

Low-melting-point lubricants act as early-stage external lubrication to ensure material stability; high-melting-point lubricants act as late-stage external lubrication, providing good metal release properties, improving solution uniformity, and enhancing the surface gloss of the finished product.

Longxing products can help you get more performance from the formulation, high calcium filling ensures continuity, saves costs and improves manufacturing efficiency.

According to your formula, it is recommended to add 0.5~1 parts for pipes and 0.2~0.5 parts for profiles.

Product number:
LS1608AH (low melting point), LS1105H (high melting point), OF9528 (oxidation product), LS2703 (synthetic wax)