Pigment dispersion

In terms of pigment coloring and improving dispersibility, Longxing Wax has good compatibility with resins and a good affinity with pigments. It can provide customers with high-quality dispersing aids for masterbatch, ink and other industries.

The product can moisten the pigment particles, improve the interface state between the pigment and the resin, and make the pigment disperse easily and no longer agglomerate.

It has good lubrication properties and improves the fluidity during masterbatch processing.

Good compatibility with pigments can effectively solve the precipitation phenomenon of filled masterbatch products, thereby improving the coloring ability of the pigments in the masterbatch;

It greatly improves the surface gloss of the product; it also effectively improves the physical properties of the material during the processing of filled masterbatch and improves the toughness of the product.

Product model: LS1703, LS1608HY, LS1105H